Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm not so complicated..

I'm just a simple girl.Sometimes,i can be a little crazy and sometimes i'm trying to be a mature lady.i have many friends but it is hard for me to choose them to be my bestfriend. It is not i'm too fussy but it is about that i'm really suitable with them or not.I'm not saying that i'm a perfect person.It just about that i don't feel i'm belonging to that group. The way i'm thinking is a bit different from them.Although i was behave like a kid in front of u,but it is only to cover the real feelings of mine.
I can't even show to other people when i'm in stress.Only He knows well about my feelings.I'm totally agree when someone said that silence is golden cause when we are not talking too much,no ones is hurting by our words.The most important part is i love my family so much.My life would be terrible if i'm losing them.

mood: :(

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