Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Nothing much to tell here..
Just wanna share a story of BukitTinggi..

Had spent 4d/3n in BukitTinggi and Padang..
Nice view..
Nice food..
People are so nice and kind..
My family and I enjoyed this holiday so much..

shopping is must..hehe.
Had a quality of time during visiting to Istana Pagar Ruyung, Jam Gadang, Lobang Jepang and of course had enjoyed eating Nasi Padang so much.

the pic that i've taken from i'll post the real pic of me at Bukittinggi.

(payakumbuh-waterfall that can be seen from the roadside, on d way from Minangkabau Airport to Bukittinggi)

(Jam Gadang@Big bang- backthere was a market. They sell souvenier,fruits,kerepek,and many things)

(This view can be seen from the top of Lobang Jepang)

the real of Lobang Jepang..

(the entrance)

(the stairs down to Lobang Jepang)

Next to our hotel was a primary school and we had a chance to hear the kiddooss practising their reading in solat for the test..Just what i had watched in Hafalan Shalat Delisa..asikkk bangat mendengarnya..Bila agaknya orang2 Malaysia nak apply sistem camni. 

klah, had to focus on study since i only left 4 days more before the exam..(T_T)..huhu

p/s: Lebih ramai lebih meriah..

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