Thursday, October 28, 2010

a star in ur heart..

what a lovely day,
when ur friend back to ur heart,
like a kite can fly to the sky,
when the boy found his girl back,
when the mom kiss her child in the eyes,

u're such a star,
give a light in the dark,
cheers me up when i cry,
never give up to make me smile,
hold me tight in ur arms.

i'm the one looking for a star,
that never lost in my mind,
but it lost from my heart,
start to find the real one,
among the billion of the star in the sky.

the star that i find,
dazzle bright in the sky,
the time has past by,
the star looking dim now.

i reach u in the dark,
u never stop to cry,
looking into my eyes,
hoping me to be at ur side.

i'm never leave u out,
not without by my side,
hold u tight in my arms,
hoping u become a star,
that give light back to the sky.

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